Sunday, September 6, 2009

Now I'm Starting to Feel Bad For the Sox

The Sox were unsuccessful for the first time in 5 days today, and yet in those 5 days they have fallen back a game in the standings.

The Tigers won their sixth consecutive game today yet again in comeback fashion. The Rays bullpen gave up 9 runs while walking 8 in just 6 innings of work. While the Twins have struggled against the Indians the Sox 4 game W streak still was not enough to regain second place.

I'm beginning to feel like no matter what the Sox do it won't be enough. This shouldn't come as a shock because they did fall to 7 games behind, but it's really frustrating when you win 4 in a row then lose one and fall back a game over that span. With the news of Peavy (probably 10 more days) and Beckham's back issues, it seems as if it's time to give up.

But I just hate to give up when they have decided to start playing well. Unfortunately it seems that no matter what the Sox do the Tigers will do one better. Sad, but true.

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