Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just Pathetic Sox, Pathetic

There is a perfect example of why this is not the year for the Sox. A game is there to win, Sox choke it away. A series is there to win, Sox choke it away. 2 games are there to be gained, Sox choke it away.

In the last 6 games the Sox have had an opportunity to pick up 4 games on the Tigers. In those days, the Sox end up picking up 0. 4 of 6 was not unfathomable on this trip. 4.5 games back (and even less if they really wanted to) is not insurmountable. But 6.5 with this few games left leaves the Sox all but a 6 game sweep from moving on this year.

Peavy back Saturday. No Grienke. Twinks vs. Tigers. This is a must sweep. I should be giving up hope, but I'm not.

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