Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cubs Lose in a Strange, Strange Game

It seems like any time the Cubs are about to head out on the road something bizarre happens at Wrigley Field. Today we reached yet another boiling point for the season in the Cubs 7-4 loss to the Brewers. Randy Wells took the start today and was back to his dumb pitching ways, he took an at-bat off against Dave Bush and it resulted in a Jody Gerut grand slam.

Not that it really was Well's fault to begin with since his season should be over like Rich Harden's is. Wells is nearly 50 innings over his career high innings total and his pitching has fallen off because his arm has never been used this much. The rookie of the year is gone thanks to his recent string of crap starts anyway, so the Cubs have no excuse to keep him active. If they really want him to pitch some more then he can move to the bullpen and get a couple more appearances.

The offense was actually not terrible today, Micah Hoffpauir had a two run double to make the game 5-4, but when the pitching sucks the offense doesn't always matter. I'd get up in arms about not scoring any runs and not beating up on Dave Bush, who is a bad pitcher, but Mike Fontenot and Jeff Baker both started today. Koyie Hill was the catcher. These aren't names of great offense performance. It was getaway day so I don't blame Lou for resting some big guys.

The cause of the postgame hysteria in the media was Milton Bradley leaving the game after getting a hit in the sixth inning. Milton felt something in his knee and didn't want to hurt himself further. Naturally the media (see Paul Sullivan) made this the focus of the game and attacked Milton in the locker room with questions. Once again the media makes Milton the story when other things are going on.

Next up is St. Louis, who has a magic number of 8 right now. They can't clinch this weekend but they can sure come close. They shuffled their rotation so that Smoltz, Wainwright, and Carpenter face us. Nice to know they care that much. I'll have a preview up in the morning for what is sure to be a disaster.

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