Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cubs 2010 Schedule Released

Insert "wait till next year" joke here. Now that we have that out of the way, let's look at the 2010 Cubs schedule also known as the road to redemption. It starts on the road in Atlanta and then on to Cincinnati for week one, I like starting the season on the road because that means one less week of bad weather at Wrigley. Of course I'd prefer the first month of baseball be played in domes and below-St. Louis cities. Cold weather baseball games at the start of the season just cause injuries.

The home opener is against the Brewers, a homestand that also includes a series against the Astros. All told major league baseball was kind enough to give the Cubs 16 games against the Reds and 15 against the Pirates. How kind of them.

Living in Cardinal territory those are always must circle series, especially the random early season one that sets bragging rights for a while. This year it doesn't start until the last weekend of May, meaning this weekend will be the last Cubs-Cardinals series I get to share with the lovely "best fans in baseball". There are two series in the last month with the Cardinals- one in each park- that very well could determine the division.

Finally the Cubs-Sox series are both on the weekend again. At Wrigley June 11-13, and at the Cell June 25-27. Allow we to propose a new way of doing this, because quite frankly this is boring to me. Put all six games right in a row, starting Tuesday and going to Sunday. Alternate home parks each night, and but the DH at Wrigley while having the pitchers bat at US Cellular. This way Cubs-Sox has some new life, goes for one intense week, and then is done. Alternating home parks each night isn't hard to do, since they are right down the street from each other.

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