Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nightmare Trip Promises to end Cubs Season

It all comes down to this week. The division race, the Wild Card, everything. After beating the Pirates twice, the Cubs take a trip out West to face the Padres and Dodgers in a seven game trip from hell. The Dodgers are one of the best teams in the NL, though they have been off a bit lately. The Padres aren't good, but they swept the Cubs in San Diego once already this season.

I honestly expect the Cubs to win two of the games on this trip, with a sweep in LA almost a certainty. It may seem harsh and pessimistic, but the way this team has played on the road and against good teams, it's about the best I can expect. 

The Padres bring slugger Adrian Gonzalez and nothing much else, which is why I can see the Cubs taking two of three. With Lilly, Dempster, and Wells going the Cubs send two of their better pitchers, with the Dempster start likely being a loss. If the Cubs simply walk Adrian Gonzalez every at bat, they should be able to get two of the three. If not, then I don't even want to imagine the Dodgers series.

Rich Harden will kick off the Dodgers series in LA, a four-game affair the will put the fork in the Cubs season. The Dodgers bring an electric lineup and great starting pitching that the Cubs simply won't be able to match on the Dodgers home turf. A contending Cubs team would find a way to earn a split, but of course winning one game would be nothing short of a miracle.

With the Cardinals looking unbeatable and facing the same road trip the Cubs have, just the other way around, an optimist could argue that St. Louis will be hard pressed to gain ground. The problem is, if the Cardinals stay with their 5 game lead at the end of next week, its over anyway.

5 teams stand in front of us in the Wild Card race, meaning that is likely as hopeless as the Central, barring a miracle run this week. 


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