Sunday, August 16, 2009

Key Stretch Before Different Kind Of Key Stretch

The Sox are about to enter into a 6 game homestand against two bad teams. The Royals are the first visitors followed by the Orioles. Meanwhile the Tigers welcome in the Mariners before they head west to face the A's and Angels.

This marks a huge spot for the Sox to gain some ground. The next 6 games the Sox have the upper hand both being at home and playing teams that are better than the ones the Tigers are playing. The Sox need to go out and gain some ground here before they go into hell week in Boston, New York, and at Wrigley.

I've said it a few times before and I'll say it again, the Sox need to be within 3 games by the time Peavy comes back. You don't want to bury yourself too much when it comes to that final month. And with the Sox schedule being a little more difficult than the Tigers in September, coupled with the fact that they only face each other 3 times (lucky in Chicago) the rest of the year, the Sox need to position themselves now.

I'm hoping for 5 wins out of the next 6 games. I'm not sure what the likelihood of that happening actually is, but I'm sure it's possible. If they can do that the division lead will probable be down to somewhere around half a game. Buehrle vs. Bannister tomorrow, then the Sox get Meche and Grienke. So it's not going to be easy, but excuses can never be made for losing to the Royals.

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