Friday, August 28, 2009

Morning Cubs and Sox Links

These are a bit late this morning, blame the lack of Internet and my 8am class yesterday. The Cubs lost a series to Washington while the Sox salvaged a game from the Red Sox

Lets start out with a Bo Jackson update

Cubs lose. Tribune (no joke there isn't one, just Bradley talk). MLB. AP

Sox win. Tribune. MLB. AP

Lou says blame him for the season. I'll find somebody to blame Lou don't worry. 

Harden and Heilman claimed on waivers

Milton Bradley link dump. Here. Here. Here. Here. There may or may not be two stupid opinions on the Tribune site from two stupid writers, I don't know, I'm just saying.

Big Z jokes he wants to be traded. Three takes on Cubs. Roundup

Cubs want to make noise on field. Lou on chemistry

Cubs-Mets time. Preview. Similar things

Onto the Sox. Starting with Peavy updates. Here. Here. Here

Sox-Yankees preview. Buehrle rebound. More Buehrle. Another preview

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