Thursday, August 27, 2009

Harden/Heilman Claimed on Waivers

It was reported today that Rich Harden and Aaron Heilman have both been claimed on waivers by NL teams. Basically this means that the Cubs have until Monday to pull them back, let them go to the claiming team for free, or work out a trade.

Whoever put the claim in for Heilman should be thanked 1,000 times. Quite frankly he can't leave here quick enough, of course that is assuming Hendry lets him go. If he is able to get a warm body for Heilman that would be great, if not just let the bum go. 

Harden is a bit more complicated situation. It is believed that the Marlins are the team that claimed him. Letting him go for free isn't really an option, but there is a debate to be had about trading him. If the Cubs wanted to resign him after the season then I would say they should keep him. If they don't want to sign him and think the prospects they get from Florida would be better than the two draft picks he would command as a Type-A free agent, then hopefully a deal can be worked out.

I would rather keep Harden that way either we get the draft picks, or resign him. I hate to see Harden leave the team the way he is pitching right now, but it comes down to the question of value. If the players gotten in a trade are more promising then the ones that would be drafted next June it's hard to argue against making that deal. 

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