Monday, August 10, 2009

Alex Rios Acquired By Sox For...

NOTHING. All the Sox have to do is eat his contract. Now I'm not exactly sure how they are planning on doing this, nor am I sure where Jerry Reinsdorf is getting all this money. But I really don't care.

Lots of people (fans) worry about contracts. Frankly, I do not. I am a fan of the White Sox. I want the White Sox to win the World Series. That is all I care about. I don't care what they spend, I don't care how they win, I just want to win.

So to see a move like this, just a week after the deal for Peavy, I'm jacked. So Reinsdorf has decided to put a little more money into the team, and our genius of a general manager turned it into a stud CF and a former Cy Young who is each signed for the next few years (Peavy til 2013, Rios 2014)

Now we have to figure out what the plans are for Rios in 09. Obviously the outfield will open up a little bit next year with Dye's contract running out, but there's a little bit of a jam out there right now. You can't move Quentin because he's just starting to figure it out again, you can't move Dye because he's the 3 hitter, and you can't bench Podsednik because he's the best hitter on the team right now.

Does he pinch hit? Is there a 4 man platoon in the OF? Can he play 2nd (long shot)? I don't know, but I'm certainly excited to find out. One thing I do know is, the Sox are going to be stacked in 2010, which is awesome.


  1. If you can't bench Scott Podsednik for Alex Rios, there was no point in acquiring him. Podsednik's latest 15 minutes of being useful are almost up.

    This would be like if the Cubs acquired Grady Sizemore and then wouldn't bench Reed Johnson because he had a hot bat and hustles.

  2. Maybe it's the end for Thome, not Dye or Podsednik. Dye could easily move into the DH spot and I'd take him over Thome at this point in their careers, Podsednik could slide back over to left, Quentin could return to his natural spot in right, and Rios could finally give the White Sox a respectable center fielder who can play offense and defense.

  3. Aisle - You make a good point, but I just can't see how you can permanently bench a guy hitting .300 who is your leadoff hitter. Rios is good but he's only at .260 or so.

    Rapt00r - That's not a bad plan, but we still don't have anything good to do this year.

  4. I'm all for proceeding with my plan this year. I guess you can tell how I feel about Thome. Great player, future Hall of Famer, but definitely on the slide the past two years. Last night only solidified my opinion even further.

  5. I would be fine with calling it a day on Thome. Leave him on the squad to pinch hit and to give the very occasional day off to each of the other 4. I guess I could live with that.