Friday, August 14, 2009

Ah the Pirates

There's nothing that fixes a Cubs losing streak quite like facing the Pittsburgh Pirates at Wrigley Field. This afternoon was no exception as the Cubs offense showed up early and made their bats almost as loud as the fighter jets flying over Wrigley for the first few innings. 

Kosuke Fukudome hit a three-run homer in the first inning, which would have been enough offense for Randy Wells. Still the Cubs weren't satisfied and added a 10-run second inning, plus three more as the day went on. At the end of it all the Cubs won 17-2. Quite a relief after a five game losing streak that included four butt kickings and one heart breaker.

Really you can't take much from this game, other than to say its good to know that even when they aren't that good, the Cubs are able to beat up on the Pirates. Really its important that the Cubs sweep this series, but that might be asking too much. With St. Louis having a cakewalk of its own playing the Padres, the only way to possibly get a game back this weekend is a sweep. 

Hope doesn't really come from me much, and really I don't think the Cubs are any better than I did before this game. Perhaps, just like Ken wants the Sox to do, the Cubs need to not drop many games in the standings and wait until Ted and Z get back. Ted returns Monday, Z soon after. That is what fans should look at for hope, not a blowout of a bad team. 

Doesn't mean we can't all enjoy a fun win though right?

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