Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thriller That Shouldn't Have Been

A game that involves Mark Buehrle going 7.1 innings allowing just 1 run probably should not be a thriller. We should just win the game 4/5/6 to 1, but that was not the case. The game ended with Brian Roberts on first representing the tying run, and the best hitter against the Sox in the majors at the plate in Nick Markakis. Lucky for the Sox Jenks got the out and the game was won 4-3.

But it leads to to ask, what is wrong with the Sox bullpen right now. Yesterday they were awful as just about every guy who came in gave up at least 1 hit and most gave up a run. Today was not much better as Linebrink faced one hitter who singled, and Jenks allowed 2 runs before closing the game out.

I'm hoping this is all some post break jitters. For pitchers there needs to be a certain rhythm to have success. And after 4 consecutive days off it's not too surprising to see people struggle. Thornton got through the tough outing yesterday only to come back and be brilliant today. Hopefully this is the case with the rest of the guys.

Another thing that made this game much closer than it should have been was the fact that 2 of the 3 outs in the 6th were made at plays at the plate. The Sox got 6 consecutive hits in the 6th and ended up getting a 7th in a row to start the next inning. When the first of those 7 is a 2 run bomb, one would expect more than just 2 more runs to be scored on the next 6 consecutive hits. Unfortunately this was not the case.

But I don't blame anyone in this situation. Sending Konerko was the wrong decision in the end, but I'm not sure it was a bad one. Most guys score easily on that play, Konerko is not most guys. But they needed a perfect throw and tag to get him, and sadly for the Sox, they got it. As for Getz getting thrown out, I will stick by saying that was absolutely the right call. Markakis does have a good arm, but with the speedy Getz running, and Wise (0 for 2, .189 AVG) coming up next you have to push the envelope. Like the first play the throw and tag were perfect, Getz is out, and Wise smokes a double to lead off the next inning. Don't blame Jeff Cox for that inning. Both we good calls, they just both went wrong because of perfect defense.

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