Sunday, July 19, 2009

Quentin Goes Deep Today in AAA

I know I won't let this issue go, but I just can't wait any longer. Carlos hit his first HR in his 13 game minor league stint today. He is now 13 for 34 with the 1 HR, 2 2Bs and 8 RBI in his 11 games this year in Charlotte.

Dewayne Wise and Brian Anderson have a combined .180 (9 for 50) average in July. Quentin played all 9 innings in left field again today. Call me crazy but 9 innings in left field is very similar on the feet as 9 innings in the majors. I think it's time Sox.


  1. I agree. If Quentin is playing a whole game of outfield in AAA he might as well do it for the White Sox as they will be better off with him there. You want him to get all of his at-bats, because if he is DH for a bit, where would Thome go?

  2. I'd put him out in left for as many innings as we need him. If its a 1-0 game you are going to have to have him suck it up and stay in there. If we are up or down 4 or 5 get him out of there in the 6th. If he makes the last out in the 6th or 7th or so, get him out of there then. You may lose 1 AB a game at worst. There's really no negative in my mind. If he's going to get hurt it's not going to matter whether he's playing in the pros or in AAA. Baseball is baseball here or there.