Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sox Finally Win One in Minnesota

Usually with a game that concludes like that I'd be freaking out. Calling out Jenks, calling out Ozzie, crying about umpires and the Dome screwing us again. But today I am not. I am just thrilled we finally won a game up there. I don't care how it happened, I don't care how ugly it was at the end, I don't care what the lasting effect is, I'm just happy we got the W.

I commented earlier that I thought it could be the best game the Sox have played in Minnesota in years. That of course is no longer the case with the ending going the way it did, but a win's a win. Gavin was solid, the hitting was clutch and good all game long, and the defense ended up not killing us in the end.

Tomorrow is a new day, yet still as important as today was. Buehrle will take the ball for the Sox, which automatically means the Sox should be the favorites. But I'm still not ready to give the Sox the benefit of the doubt when playing in that god forsaken dome. Scott Baker is on the mound for the Twins. Sox hit him pretty hard in his only start against them this year.

The Sox only have 7 more games to play in the Twinkeedome. To that I only have two words. "Hell YES!!!!!!"

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