Sunday, July 12, 2009

Morning Cubs and Sox Links

Both teams got wins yesterday, and both had to escape ninth inning jams. Oh happy days for everybody who roots for Chicago baseball.

Ted Lilly may in fact be a god. St. Louis sure thinks so. Game stories here, here, here, and here

Today's injury is Derrek Lee. Thankfully he says he will be okay. 

Jake Fox might catch a game tomorrow. Hopefully this works, and he can fill in more often at catcher while Geo is out. Anything to get Fox in the lineup.  

Jim Hendry remains upbeat despite not doing a good job. I'll have a post over the all star break examining all his moves.

Over to the South Side. Wrap ups both Tribune and AP. I'll throw in a MLB one too. 

Getz and Beckham don't play like rookies says Resisting temptation to comment. 

Jermaine Dye isn't appreciated says ESPN Chicago. I will say this, if Dye was playing right for the Cubs they would be in first place no problem, but he doesn't hit left handed.

Buehrle wants to take a picture with Obama. I'm sure they will let him. 

Ozzie says the Sox are better than their record. 

Enjoy the double header Cubs fans, and we will see if the Sox can win a series in Minnesota. 

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