Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sox Bats Explode Off Indians Pathetic Pen

It wouldn't be fair if I didn't start this post by talking about Paul Konerko. He became the 3rd person this year to hit 3 HR's in a game, and became the first White Sox player to go deep at the Cell 3 times in a game. Konerko lit up a pitch off Sowers in the 2nd, then went deep off Chris Perez which stood as the eventual game winning grand slam, and finally decided to make it the trifecta with the bomb in the 7th. 3 HR, 7 RBI, 12 total bases, Mercy.

But it wasn't just Paulie that did the gamage off the Indians bullpen. Alexei went yard, Beckham ripped an RBI double, and Thome and Pods has good AB's before the HR's.

However the most important at bat of the game came on the final hitter the starter Jeremy Sowers pitched. Thome was able to fight a walk out of an 8 pitch AB and eventually spell the end of Sowers. There were men on 1st and 3rd for Thome's at bat. In that situation he is expected to drive in a run, but he was able to be patient and work the walk. It let to the exit of Sowers, the begining of the Indians bullpen, and the opening of the flood gates.

The Sox really looked like a great team today. It was the exact image of what a good team does when they face a team they are better than. They didn't overwhelm Jeremey Sowers, they didn't get a great game out of Buehrle, what they did was wait until they got to the weakness of their opponent, they attacked, and they didn't miss. It was a beautiful thing.

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