Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ryan Dempster to DL Out 4-6 Weeks

When you are a member of the Chicago Cubs odds are something crazy will happen to you. Something always does and Ryan Dempster's broken toe is no different. He said he hurt it when he tried to jump over the railing to celebrate the Cubs 8-2 blowout over the Brewers. Ignoring the fact that if Carlos Zambrano did this the media would lose its mind, half the team does this after each win. Whatever it doesn't make a difference to me because sometimes stuff happens.

Reports range from Dempster saying he might only miss 3 starts to Steve Stone thinking perhaps 4-6 weeks (oh the joys of twitter). Something tells me the 4-6 range is a bit long and that something more like 3 weeks sounds about right. If he has to miss six weeks, I wouldn't be stunned to see Pedro Martinez given another look, because the only thing that could make me lose my mind more than Dempster walking the world every start is seeing Jeff Samardzija or Kevin Hart do the same without the ability to get out of it.

Big Z takes the mound on short rest tonight to try and get the Cubs the series win before Kevin Hart wastes our time tomorrow (I'll be on a plane that whole game thank god). If we do win today, then this does have some short term benefit. Z gets an extra start on Sunday against St. Louis before getting the Ted Lilly Break off. 

More to come I'm sure once we have a concrete time table on Dempster's toe injury. 

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  1. Yeah I am down for Pedro, but he needs to paid for what he is and not what he was 5 years ago.