Friday, July 3, 2009

Soriano Leading Off No More, Fuld or Fukudome to Replace Him

Too much sun and the return of Manny have forced me inside for a bit this afternoon, and the news of Alfonso Soriano being moved down in the lineup requires some thoughts.

After watching Soriano go 0-5 today, Lou Pinella said that he will be moving Soriano down in the order, probably fifth or sixth. This means Greg and many other Cubs fans will be joyfully drunk in the streets all over the world.

Now I'm hope its realized that Soriano will be replaced by either Kosuke Fukudome or Sam Fuld. Meaning the slumping Soriano will be replaced by a slumping Fukudome who happens to have had a some hits recently (but still isn't a good hitter), or AAA wonder Sam Fuld who will be back in AAA Monday.

What that means is that for a few days we will see some more pitches taken by the leadoff man, but more than likely similar results. The fact that this probably puts Milton Bradley (the guy who should be the leadoff replacement) on the bench isn't smart either.

Enjoy the few days without Soriano hitting leadoff, I'm sure that soon enough he will be back in that slot and carrying the Cubs to another division title.

I touched on the Fox/Blanco decision in a previous post, but on Monday Aramis, Reed Mantle, and Angel Guzman will all return. That means a bullpen guy, Sam Fuld, and one of Fox/Blanco/Fontenot will be sent away. My guess, David Patton is sent to the DL, and Fontenot is shown the door to AAA. Also I wouldn't be shocked if Aaron Miles wasn't activated from the DL for a long time.

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