Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ryan Dempster and Some Site Notes

Last night we were all witnesses to Ryan Dempster's return from the DL. It went about as bad as it could, and drove me up the wall. I can give a guy a break for not having good stuff, but it wasn't just that. Dempster is always going to have control issues, that's just how he is. Its the stupid choices on the mound- the throwing into centerfield, the giving up hits to relief pitchers, things like that. Dempster is owed $44 million the next three seasons. I can only hope that Hendry learns his lesson about giving big contracts to pitchers after an outlier season.

Onto the site. You'll notice that there is no need for the .blogspot in the URL now. works just fine now. You can also email each of us now anytime you want. Mine is From now on each article we write will include our email at the end, feel free to feedback that way.

I've been working on learning everything I can about how major league baseball free agency works, and how options with minor league players work. Those complicated things that everybody knows about but not everybody understands. After a few nights of research, I can say I have a pretty solid grasp about the whole thing. I say this because I've also created a table that tracks the Cubs payroll and roster. I'll put that link up tonight so that everybody can download the table if they want.

Remember to keep it here the closer we get to the trade deadline. Nobody had the Brian Anderson trade/reaction faster than we did yesterday. As soon as anything happens we will not only tweet it, but also react to it on the site.

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