Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Morning Cubs and Sox Links

Not a good night in Chicago, especially not after about 9:15 PM. Cubs fall to the Astros thanks to a Dumpster on the mound. Mark Buehrle sets the record for most consecutive batters gotten out in a row (45) but then implodes and the Sox fall as well in their house of horrors. 

Ryan Dumpster shouldn't have been starting. Tribune. MLB. AP.

Ted says he's coming back quickly. I say make sure you're healthy unlike the Dumpster that joins you in the rotation.

Hendry says leave Milton alone

Cardinals, Brewers, and Sox fans scream YOU TELL EM LATROY! I say just up and pitch. 

Twins take down Sox. Tribune. MLB. AP.

Thome to sit for a couple of games. 

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