Monday, July 6, 2009

Quentin Well on the Way Back

Carlos began his rehab trip to Charlotte on Saturday and has been working slowly towards the eventual comeback. He was 2 for 2 on Saturday, 2 for 2 in Sunday and went hitless tonight. He has 2 RBI in his rehab stint, but has yet to leg out a double or play in the field.

Lucky for the Sox we have a week and a half to play around with before he is back up to the bigs. The Sox enter a series at home with Cleveland before heading up to Minnesota to finish up before the break. There is no rush to bring him back before the break because we shouldn't need him for the Indians and I wouldn't use him in Minnesota anyway because of the turf.

Therefore Carlos has an extended period of time (10 more days) before we would like him back on the major league team. Knowing this guy's attitude 10 days a plenty. I'm sure he has been really working hard to come back and I know he is doing all he can to rush the process as much as possible. But with these days it should give him a little bit of a chance to relax, get his feet back under him, and make sure he is truly ready to return coming out of the break.

I've mentioned this a number of times before, but I think it's worth continuing to bring up. The difference in the lineup is unbelievable with Carlos in it as opposed to it being Anderson, Wise, or Nix. It will basically be like adding an All-Star to a team that is right in the thick of the race. No longer will the bottom of the order look weak, and the middle of the lineup goes from good to awesome. This is all assuming Quentin comes back fully healthy and rakes like the normal Carlos we know.

So hurry back Carlos, but don't hurry too much we still have 10 days before you are needed for real.

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