Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Now Fields Is Demanding A Trade

Ok people, this must stop. Just because you get demoted does not mean you allowed to whine and moan to be traded.

After Fields was demoted today he told Joe Cowley of the Sun Times that he has asked to be traded. I don't understand where guys who have never played a whole season at the big league level can ask to be traded. Most veterans aren't even allowed to ask to be traded, let alone young guys who can't seem to hit over .200 to save their lives.

I really hope Kenny puts the hammer down on all this madness. He needs to get in some guys faces and tell them to stop asking to be traded and go become a better ball player. If you get beat out by Dewane Wise or 22 year old Gordon Beckham, it doesn't mean you are entitled to be moved. What it should mean is that you aren't good enough yet and you need to work on your game.

The sad part is that Kenny almost can't trade him now because it would set a terrible precedent. I would have loved to have seen Fields go, but now we are probably stuck with him. Sometimes players baffle me with what they think their rights are.


  1. I feel like Fields has always been up to crap. The retirement thing a few years ago, the whining when Beckham came up, and now this. Shut up and play baseball. They sent you down because you suck at baseball.

  2. He won't shut up because he needs to make noise to be relevant. He's not good at baseball so he talks.