Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Anderson dealt to Red Sox

As being reported by WSCR The Score and the Boston Globe, the White Sox have sent Brian Anderson to the Red Sox for outfielder (primarily center fielder) Mark Kotsay and cash.

In 74 AB's this year Kotsay is batting .257 with one home run and five RBI's and was designated for assignment after the Red Sox acquired Adam LaRoche on July 25. Kotsay, however, has been productive throughout his 12 year career as he owns a .281 career average during stops in Florida, San Diego, Oakland, and Atlanta.

This is a Cub guy writing this post so I won't get into analyzing what this means. It is going to be interesting to see what this means for the Sox outfield. Does Dewayne Wise get a season-long pass for his unbelievable, historic catch? How do you feel White Sox fans, would you want Kotsay replacing him on a non-sentimental-strictly on-field level?

I just don't see what a 33 year old Kotsay (who was injured earlier this season) brings that a 27 year old Brian Anderson couldn't, but I suppose Kotsay does have a track record going for him. Ken will have more on this later I'm sure.

Link to Boston Globe story.


  1. personally i think its a good move, i never liked anderson to begin with. i think that they should give kotsay a chance considering just how low wise's batting average is. if he doesn't do much better then leave wise in.

  2. Yeah definitely. Never hurts to add a decent left handed bat to the mix.

  3. Exactly. It was nice to get something out of Anderson. Personally I would have been happy with a bucket of balls. We got Mark Kotsay. I'd say its a win.