Tuesday, July 14, 2009

AL Wins All Star Game

I thought it was a pretty dull All Star Game as a whole, but definitely a nice night for the Sox.

First of all, Mark Buehrle was fantastic in his one inning. He threw only 9 pitches and retired three of the National League's best hitters in Utley, Pujols, and Braun. It was nice to see him get in the game in his hometown. And hopefully that little taste of pitching is Busch is enough for him to stop worrying about pitching for the Cardinals and stay a member of the President's team for the remainder of his career.

Next is Barack. What a rock star. I thought for sure he would throw the pitch out with either generic All Star Game or Cardinals apparel. But no, he strolls out there in his Sox coat, and leaves it on to throw the first pitch. He then went into the booth with it still on and talked a little about the Sox. God I do love that man.

Lastly, I'm really happy the American League won this game. The AL is the better league, they have been in the last 12 ASG's and they have won the last 6 interleague plays. I've never been a real fan of the ASG counting for home field advantage, but it's really hard to complain when it goes in your teams favor every time. I'm personally for it going to the team with the better record, but that's not the case, so the Sox will have home field if somehow they do make it there.

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