Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ted Lilly + Brian Moehler = Cubs Win 7-1

Very nice to see the Cubs playing some good baseball. The equation is simple- the Cubs send ace Ted Lilly to the mound, add Brian Moehler who the Cubs have made their punching bag and you get a nice win. Ted was sick tonight, and the Cubs had some big innings starting in the first.

Fukudome, D-Lee, and Fontenot were the starts tonight. Dome spent most of the night on base, Derrek followed him, and Fontenot got an opposite field homer on his birthday to go along with four hits. In case you were wondering if it was the Cubs night, Geovany Soto managed to get 3 singles and Andres Blanco hit a two-run ground rule double.

Of course I can also find some negative in this game, Ryan Theriot struggled at the plate, and Milton Bradley returned to the lineup with an 0-6 effort that included 3 K's, a smashed bat against home plate, and another bat given to a fan. At least Milton has a personality, even if he struggles at the plate.

Lets talk some Ted Lilly. now 7-4 on the season there isn't much question that Ted has an All-Star appearance lined up. Since Johan Santana obviously has the NL start lined up, but I think a sliding scale of Ted's inning of work will be appropriate. Right now former Cub Jason Marquis and Giants Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum are also All-Star locks. That means Ted is in the mix for either the fifth, sixth, or seventh inning. Right now I'll take him to pitch the seventh, but expect it to move up as the Ted starts get better and better. 

Overall a great night in Cub-land. Brewers and Cardinals lose which puts the Cubs in a tie for second place and only one loss behind the Brewers. Having gotten a real good look at the Reds this weekend I know they aren't much of a threat without Joey Votto. The Cardinals can't get their outfield to hit, and the Brewers are one of the most over achieving teams in baseball right now.

Perhaps its a bit of optimism based on the Cubs winning some games, but I really feel like the Cubs will win this division. Their is nothing but crap around us, and if we can win games while Aramis is out who knows how good we will be when he returns. Speaking of Aramis- CSN showed him taking some grounders today and said he swung a fungo bat. While he is still over a month away, it was nice to see. 

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