Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sox Blow Game, Blow Series, Continue Blowing Opportunities

Absolutely and utterly unacceptable. The Cubs had scored 10 runs in the last 60 or so innings they played, and the Sox bullpen allows them to get 5 runs in the final 4 outs of the game. Pathetic managing and pathetic pitching are going to majorly overshadow what could have been a great 2 game series on the road.

Floyd was brilliant today. Danks and Jenks were great yesterday. And Getz, Anderson, Beckham, and Ramirez all got it going in the series. But none of that will matter. All because Scott Linebrink gave up back to back homeruns to hitters with a combined 10 homeruns in more than 100 games they have played in.

But this is not just Linebrink's fault, it's just as much Ozzie's fault. Linebrink has been great since coming over from the Brewers, but we all know what he did in his dying days in San Diego and his short time in Milwaukee. He was absolutely atrocious against the NL and nothing has changed. There is no way he should be in a situation to blow the game in the 8th. I thought he should have come out when Bradley was up, but I understand why they wanted to leave Bradley as a lefty. But after the homer by Lee it is unacceptable to leave Linebrink in the game to give up the homerun to Soto. Whether it's Thornton or Jenks you have to make the change right there. Ozzie did not, the Sox lost.

So all in all this series will go down as one to forget. A great game on Wednesday goes to waste, and what looked like a chance to not only get going in the right direction for good, but also to bury your crosstown rivals, goes by the wayside. Now we move on to Cincinnati and then home for with the Dodgers before we get a chance at revenge. Oh yeah, we also get to play a game against them in September... great.

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