Thursday, June 18, 2009

Big Comeback Hopefully Sets Tempo For Huge Weekend

Shockingly I'm not too terribly excited over this afternoon's 6-5 comeback win for the Cubs over the White Sox. Don't get me wrong, its really nice to see some home runs, its really nice to see Soriano get a big hit, and its really nice to win. Still this game will be judged in my mind by how the team does this next week. 

Milton Bradley has started to hit- he got two more hits today. Geovany Soto has hit two doubles and homer this week, and Derrek Lee has stayed hot. If Soriano can get hot after his two hit day today, then we have at least something.

The problem is the Fuku-slide is in full blown danger zone (0-21), Fontenot and Miles still have to play at the same time (or Andres Blanco, though at least he plays defense), and Soriano is still slumping if you ask me. Lets see what happens going forward.

The return of Mark DeRosa and Kerry Wood tomorrow won't be greeted with quite the excitement after the Cubs made themselves likable for one day. During the top of the eighth inning I thought about how the Cubs will hopefully be energized tomorrow by hearing their former teammates get louder cheers than they did. Don't get me wrong, DeRo and Kerry will get plenty of love this weekend, but it shouldn't be as bad as it was going to be.

This is a bad pitching team Cleveland, Lee is a stud, but the rest of the starters aren't good and the bullpen just spent the Brewers series imploding on a nightly basis. Hopefully the Cubs get two out of three and start playing good baseball. If they struggle again this weekend, well then my lack of real excitement over today's win will be justified. 

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