Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Same Old Story

13 LOB. Two runs walked in by relief pitching. All this is really becoming a tired, annoying script for the Cubs. I really don't want to just use this space to complain about how the Cubs are playing because I feel like I keep saying the same things night after night.

However I can't help but complain some more about the walks out of the bullpen. Carlos Marmol issued two free passes, one of which allowed a run to score. Heilman, though put in a tough spot, walked one in as well. Last night I talked about how this needs to stop so it was so discouraging to see it happen today.

I love Carlos Marmol; the last game I ever watched with my Grandpa was his major league debut. I have sentiment for the guy along with appreciation for how great he was in 2007 and the majority of 2008. However I think it is so obvious that he needs to be sent to Iowa. His control is plain awful, and sending him out in big situations is out and out detrimental to the success of the team. At this point worrying about damaging his psyche is moot because putting him out there jeopardizes the team's success.

Is there anyone else to bring up? Jeff Stevens has a decent amount of strikeouts and a good ERA. It would be nice to get at least some major league production from the DeRosa deal. The Shark is also an option with his big league experience, but he hasn't been great down there. Great options? Certainly not, but the important part is fixing Marmol, and since he has just been getting worse, sending him out there night after night is not the answer.

As for Rich Harden, I thought he was pretty good. You can see that the key with him is walks. When he was issuing BB's against the Indians it resulted in 3-run homers. Tonight with the better control he only let up solo shots, which you can live with. I felt pretty good about how he pitched tonight.

Another point I'd like to raise is the Cubs need for a second baseman. Aaron Miles has been a complete bust and it would seem that Andres Blanco has jumped him on the depth chart. Mike Fontenot's paltry batting average and below average OBP are showing that he is probably better suited coming off the bench. Maybe the Royal's Mark Teahen is the answer.

Teahen seemingly is the perfect fit for the Cubs, and there was talk that Hendry tried to pry him from Kansas City in the winter. He brings some of DeRosa's pluses in that he can play second, third, and the outfield. Granted his defense is not great anywhere but third, but he is certainly as serviceable as DeRosa was (and especially more so than Todd Walker if you want to go way back haha). He is currently at .281-8-24-.342, which is also not great, but better than what is currently on the Cubs roster.

He'd be a good fit lower in the order with his average power and is you know Hendry must be gaga over him. With former can't-miss third base prospect Alex Gordon returning soon, second baseman Alberto Callaspo hitting well, and set positions in the outfield and at DH, you'd have to think he'd be available. The Royals dealt pitching in the offseason to get Coco Crisp, so maybe Kevin Hart and someone else would do the trick.

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