Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cubs Draft Pick News

Brett Jackson - The Cubs were able to sign their first round pick, Cal outfielder Brett Jackson, today. Here is a link to the full story. This pick has never really bothered me because the Cubs could definitely use some depth in the outfield, especially in centerfield. The organization also hasn't produced a consistent outfield contributor from the farm system in a long time. I wouldn't count Micah because he came up primarily as a first baseman.

Drafting a centerfielder that is a "tool" guy should strike fear in the hearts of Cub fans due to the Felix Pie/Corey Patterson blunders. However I feel alright about Jackson because he is a college player and thus older and more of a finished product than either Pie or Patterson.

David LeMahieu - The LSU second baseman and Cub draft pick didn't have as much success as he did last night going 1-4 with a triple in LSU's 5-1 loss to Texas tonight in the College World Series.


  1. Jackson's only value to the Cubs will be when they don't trade him for three summers in a row because of his false potential. He will then hit .215 for us and never pan out.

    LeMahieu I will assume is a POS (s)crappy player who will haunt our middle infield with slap hitting and bad defense.

  2. haha yeah probably, but you can always dream. at least we didn't draft some crappy college reliever who takes forever to sign and then doesn't do anything.