Sunday, June 7, 2009

Never Seen Him, Never Beat Him

The code lives on for the Sox. First time they face a guy, they do not win the game. Today was particularly heartbreaking because David Huff had allowed 17 runs in the 15.2 innings he's pitched. Sox were able to push across 3 runs on the homer by Alexei in the 5th, but it was far too late as they already trailed by 6 at that point. Other than that hit though the Sox were pathetic against Huff.

The first inning was a perfect microcosm of what was going to happen in this game. For the Indians lead off man got on, got to third on a pickoff error, and scored on a weak groundout. For the Sox leadoff man aboard, moved over on a basehit, Dye grounds into DP, no runs score.

It has just become laughable to watch this team. They never give themselves a chance to win the game. They miss critical opportunities every time one appears for them. Whether it's the first inning I mentioned or the 8th when they had bases loaded no out and Anderson, Nix, and Beckham can't even get one run in.

In the 7 games of this homestand the Sox have scored a total of 17 runs while beaing shutout in 3 of the 7. At home, in a ballpark that is league renounded (ask that jackass Jake Peavy) for being a hitters park, it is unacceptable to average 2.4 runs a game.

2-5 is the record for the Sox in the first 7 of the 12 game homestand against two teams in last place in their respective divisions. The good news is the next opponant is in first and they are throwing at least 4 pitchers the Sox are familiar with. My guess is nothing changes, but my hope is that the Sox turn the good baseball light switch back on and get themselves back into this division.

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