Monday, June 29, 2009

Miles to DL; Scales or Fuld likely replacement

Aaron Miles being sent to the DL shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. The official stance is that it is a hyperextended elbow, as per this article from I would have to imagine that Sam Fuld will be the one getting called up because the Cubs need centerfield depth and protection for Fukudome against left handers. Fox and Micah can't play in center, and as it stands right now either Ryan Freel or Milt would have to play center in a pinch, so Fuld would be useful.

I'm feeling generous today so I am going to hypothesize that Aaron Miles' complete lack of contribution this season might be because of this "hyperextended elbow." Miles always was one of those pesky Cardinals that annoyed you because you knew he wasn't spectacularly talented, but he always worked the count full and fouled off a ton of pitches before delivering a big seeing eye single. Due to this, I was mildly excited to see him do this for the Cubs. You'd figure Miles is one of those veterans that will always play to his career averages so his failures this year are confusing.

At 32 you wouldn't expect a player with his skill set to decline this much this fast. Perhaps he is still on the Cardinals payroll? Nah that is just sillyness. So maybe he actually is physically limited and if that is the case hopefully he can rehab and come back and be that solid contact hitter Hendry thought he'd be. As it looks right now, Andres Blanco has jumped him in Lou's mind, so he'll have his work cut out.

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