Monday, June 29, 2009

Looking Back On Cubs/Sox

From the South Side perspective this is a hard one to make a decision on as a whole. At first glance you want to say, "Hey, we won 3 of 5 and played pretty well in the finale" however it is just as easy to say, "Man I wish we didn't blow those two games and we could have won all 5."

My feelings sway more towards the latter statement than the former. Obviously I am not going to complain about winning 3 of 5 against anyone, but I feel like there was a chance for the Sox to win every single game and they let a pair of them get away. Can you imagine if the Sox would have a 5-0 series lead on the Cubs so far? That would have been awesome, unfortunately that is not the case.

But there were quite a few positives that came from the really exciting pair of series with the Cubs. One huge one is Gordon Beckham's walkoff single. He has really been coming around as of late and he is starting to prove to himself and to others of how good a player he is going to be. It was nice to see him come through in the clutch in a hotly contested game that the people of Chicago care a lot about. Another guy that thrived in these series was Johnny Danks. The only two games of the 5 that did not go down to the wire were the two he pitched. He was masterful in both and now has gone 4 straight starts allowing 3 or fewer runs while pitching 7 innings. He may be back to the end of last year's form, which would be huge for the Sox.

So all in all we saw a great set of games between the Sox and Cubs this year and the Sox ended up walking away as the clear cut winners (at least until September). All of the games were fun to watch (by fun I mean they were close or the Sox were winning), and the results ended up being pretty good considering some of the issues the Sox saw in the 5 games. So at least for now, the Sox control the city series, but there are much more important things to control this year, and this next week and a half will go a long way in deciding if the Sox truely are going to have any control on the rest of the year.

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