Thursday, May 21, 2009

When Will We Know on Peavy

This whole deal is starting to get really confusing. Every moment that ticks away is another step towards baseball in San Diego. I would have to think he would have a decision made by the time he heads off to the game tonight.

What's confusing me is whether the wait is making this deal more likely or less likely? It's really hard to tell. I have a hard time believing he is just sitting around with his agent and family thinking abut whether he wants to go or not. I think Kenny Williams is still working really hard to get this thing done.

Usually the way Kenny works, the more it looks like something is not going to happen the more likely it is to happen. He's a surprise artist, and I really hope we are all surprised some time tonight. But my odds are now up to 95% that he turns down the trade.

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