Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time to Look Forward

The Sox past is not good so far this year. So let's look ahead to see what could be happening in the next few weeks.

The schedule shows Minnesota and Pittsburgh at home followed by at the Angels and Royals. Of these four teams the Royals and Angels have above .500 records, but they way those teams have been going it's possible (maybe likely) they are both below .500 by then. So what does this mean for the powerhouse 15-22 White Sox. Well, it means they are actually going to hit some teams that aren't playing better than they should be. No more hot Jays, hot Rangers, hot Royals. Just teams that are comparable to the Sox.

So what should we look forward to as far as wins? Let's split it into the home stand and the road trip. Home stand is 6 games long against two teams that perennially are not great in Chicago (both sides for the Pirates). So I'd say 4 wins is a success, 5 would be great, 6 and I'll probably weep of joy. My guess would be they will somehow fund a way to win 4, but 3 wouldn't surprise me. As far as the road trip goes, the Sox are usually bad on the west coast, but probably best in LA of the 4 west coast destinations and Kansas City is still Kansas City no matter what ESPN and MLB Network want to shove down your throat. So I like 3 wins of the 6 would be nice, but 4 or 5 is actually possible (if they stop playing like dog poop). I'll guess 3.

That means I guessed 7-5 in the next 12 games. Good, not great. But much better than what they Sox have been doing recently.

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