Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sox Win, Must Be Buehrle's Day

What other way is there to explain why the Sox won today. No but seriously, it was actually a fun game to watch tonight. They got some hits early in the game made some nice defensive plays, and scored in more than one inning. All that coupled with Buehrle on the bump makes for a nice way to snap that losing streak.

Still there were some issues including the continued failures at bunting and continued struggles with 2 out clutch hitting. But today is not a day to complain. The Sox did well tonight and I am thrilled to see that they are actually still capable of playing good solid ball.

The Sox "Look Forward" tour continues tomorrow as Danks will go for the Sox against Liriano and the Twinks. Both young lefties have struggled so far early this season, but I got a sneaking suspicion tomorrow will be a low scoring game. We will see if the Sox can win their first series in 2 weeks tomorrow.

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