Sunday, May 17, 2009

Something Needs to Change

In a year that the word "Change" was so popular (thanks Barack) it's time for our own change on the South Side. Switch up the lineup, fire the hitting coach, fire the pitching coach, have Ozzie off in the media, make a trade, pull up some more young guys. Do something... anything, we need something new.

It's just not working right now. The stats say it all but I'll steer clear of those for this post. Really I'm just getting really angry, and bored, with watching bad baseball every day. Every single time out there the Sox are out-hit, out-pitched, and frankly outclassed.

I don't care what specifically changes but it needs to be something, and sooner than later. The next set of games (after the end of the wrap-around) is against the Twinks and the Pirates. Winnable games. So it's time to get going here. Even if it's something as simple as giving guys an extra day off, now is the time. YES WE CAN.

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