Sunday, May 17, 2009

Feelin' fine

Just like a hitter in a slump is bound to break out, a team with a winning streak is bound to fall at some point. That point for the Cubs came today, as they lost to the Astros 6-5. My biggest issue with today was that Ascanio came and didn't put the burden on the Astros to score runs by bailing them out with two hit-batsmen and a wild pitch. I usually get upset about losses like that, but I saw enough good things today to leave me feeling pretty content.

Derrek Lee went 4-5 with a double and home run, having probably his best day of the young season. It was great to see him drive the ball with authority to left and left center. It is so important that Derrek get going because he is one of the players that this lineup was built around in the first place. Despite his struggles and my frustration with him, he still commands respect and attention from opposing pitchers. 

Geo Soto also seems to be breaking out of his slump. He had a solid single up the middle which indicates a hitter's timing is right. That ball he smacked in the ninth inning looked to be ticketed for the left field corner, but good positioning by Keppinger saved it from getting there. Though the result wasn't good, as a Cub fan you have to feel good about how Geo is swinging right now. 

I usually don't feel all that positive, but right now I'm really riding a wave of optimism. I think that the starting pitching has proven that it can throw quality innings. The gems the team got out of Dempster and Harden consistently last year aren't there, but they are still piling up quality starts. As for the lineup, I think there is a lot to like there as well. 

So far the Cubs are six games above .500 with only Soriano, Fukudome, and Theriot having great seasons. Fukudome's production has been an added bonus and the same can be said for Theriot's pop. However, Theriot is a role player, not a centerpiece. Also, what he has done aside from the home runs can be expected for the rest of the year. Lee, Bradley, and Ramirez (the expected big contributors), have not produced up to their averages or capabilities. Neither has Soto. My point is that when this lineup finally synchronizes (which won't fully be until Aramis is back), there is a great chance it can be very potent. 

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  1. I'm very confused by the postive nature of this post. However I agree with everything you said.