Saturday, April 18, 2009

Soriano bails the team out, Dumpster In Progress Fail

So yesterday the Cubs won because Alfonso Soriano hit another 2-run go ahead homer in the eighth inning. This time off Chris Perez who the Cardinals had just called up. Carlos Zambrano struggled through 7 innings giving up 7 runs, but got bailed out by Soriano. Carlos Marmol came in and after some early problems keeping his slider going for strikes, then he went to his fastball and ended the game pretty quickly. Strike out to Ludwick and got Greene to ground into a double play.

Onto a "live" update of today's game. Dempster was good the first two innings, but in the third he turned into Dumpster. Walking people and then letting Ludwick beat us. He got out of it only giving up 3 runs, but I'm guessing the Cardinals get more runs next inning.

Now I'm watching Aaron Miles play baseball which I hate, listening to Thom Brennamen weep for Tim Tebow, and Miles grounds out. Typical, such a bad player. I'll have a recap of this fun after we are done being dominated by Kyle Lohse

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