Saturday, April 18, 2009

Aramis Bails Team Out

Lots of people are getting bailouts lately. Today was Ryan Dempster, who struggled earlier as I was writing a brief recap of yesterday's bailout. Well the Dumpster turned back into Dempster and got the last 10 guys out he faced. 

Then Neal Cotts did his best to get cut and walked two guys on 8 pitches. Marmol cleaned it up, only to start his own thing in the eighth which Kevin Gregg came in and stopped. Heilman and Angel Guzman finished the night on the mound giving Guzman his first career win.

That of course is not the story here, Aramis continues to be one of the top clutch hitters in the game, and his two-run walkoff homer was no exception. It took until the eleventh inning to get his first hit, but it was well worth the wait.

Derrek Lee hit a game tying double off Cardinals starter Kyle Lohse in the fifth, Aaron Miles gave the Cubs a brief lead in the sixth with an RBI hit. Marmol allowed the game to be tied by a Yadier Molina double in the eighth, but Gregg was able to end that inning without more runs being scored.

The bullpen was awesome today, allowing only the one run. Gregg dominated his two inning and Heilman got the job done. Beside Cotts, who I think will be given the door soon, the bullpen impressed today.

We can't have a hero every night, and that is my only problem with today's game. Too much reliance on Soriano or Aramis to bail out the offense because nobody else can get a clutch hit. The RISP batting did improve a bit today, but it still has to get better.

If the weather cooperates tomorrow night Ted Lilly will try and remind all of Cardinal nation who is boss. Todd Wellemeyer will try and shut down the Cubs offense which may just be starting to heat up. 

Keep winning and try and get 3 of 4 tomorrow so we can remind the Cardinals who the boss of this division is.

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