Sunday, April 26, 2009

Holy Crap Now We Can't Stay Healthy

So I  thought we could get swept this weekend, but Rich Harden had other ideas. After the Cubs looked awful for two days and suffered two more injuries, the two best players on the team Aramis and Carlos Marmol. Fortunately the pair should be back tomorrow or Tuesday. To add to the concern Derrek Lee's neck problems acted up again after he hit a first inning double.

Wow that's a lot of injuries to some key players. When Alfonso Soriano got hit in the head by Todd Wellemeyer it seemed like the Cubs hit rock bottom. Soriano manned up and took his base, and hope was restored. Fukudome continued to be the best hitter on the team with a five RBI day, which gave Rich Harden all the support he needed in his six inning two earned run performance. That closes the book on a very forgettable stretch of Cubs baseball.

On to "hell week" where we get to go to the Cubs ho. use of horrors Chase Field (10-25 all time) to face the Diamondbacks and then return home to face the Florida Marlins who still have the Cubs number. My personal policy of not watching Cubs-Marlins games will most likely remain intact, aided by a trip home. If the Cubs go 4-3 this week I would be really happy, I'm expecting a 2-5 week.

Tomorrow brings not only my 21st birthday, but the weekly holiday known as Ted Day. Ted will continue to defend his honor by trying to shut down the Diamondbacks against Brandon Webb replacement Yusmiero Petit who owns a 2-0 career record against the Cubs with a 2.81 ERA. Wonderful, please Ted deliver us victory on my birthday.

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