Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bad Game, But Good Win

I know yesterday I said that I am sick of good games, but that's just because I was being bitter. I really only hate them when we are the ones getting smoked. Today this was not the case. Today I didn't mind the game, actually I guess I'll say I enjoyed it.

Alexei's slam was fantastic. He is now the 2nd fastest player to 5 grand slams in his career. Mark Buehrle was great. Bullpen was good. Corky Miller got a few hits. Great defensive plays by the two guys who can't hit (Owens and Lillibridge). All around just a good day.

Tomorrow is not going to be so good. Contreras vs. Halladay. Mercy, we are in trouble tomorrow. I can't wait to see the money line on that game. It's going to be darn close to +200.

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