Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cubs Win and Happy Ted Day

Last night the Cubs put the old smackdown on the Reds and cruised to a 7-2 win. Rich Harden dominated for six innings, and the bullpen took the Cubs home, though Neal Cotts secured his fate by sucking and forcing Carlos Marmol to pitch.

The wind made it impossible to hit a home run to left field, though Derrek Lee did his best. I still don't see how that ball didn't make it into the basket. Micah Hoffpauir launched a homer and hit a deep sac fly, Aramis had 3 RBI and the offense was buzzing for once. Fontenot is still slumping, but I'll ignore that for now.

I felt like the live blog was a success last night even if nobody ever reads it. I'll probably do one of those a week or every two weeks throughout the season.

Onto tonight's game where Johnny Cueto will try and stop the unstoppable force that is Ted Lilly. The Reds were 4-0 against Ted last season, but I think Ted was just setting them up for some domination today. The Cubs were 3-1 against Cueto last season, so something has to give. With any luck the wind will be blowing in and helping Ted keep those flyballs in the park, and the Cubs will get the win.

Finally, maybe, just maybe we get the return of Milton Bradley tonight. Happy Ted Day!

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