Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Training Home Opener

This is just a series of thoughts from the first game ever at Camelback Ranch.

  • Camelback Ranch is an awesome place. The "tour" from Brooks Boyer as well as the views from around the stadium were really neat. I'm going to need to take a trip down there at some point. Also, Camelback Ranch is a weird name, it sounds like Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, which is never good.
  • Mark Buehrle was pretty good. Nothing overwhelming, nothing underwhelming, just pretty good. No complaints from me.
  • Viciedo looks good at the plate, but he didn't do anything to blow me away. I'm still waiting.
  • Beckham's homerun was nice to see. I really hope this guy gets a shot at making the team. There's no reason Alexei can't go back to 2nd and Beckham at short if we think he's better than Getz, Lillibridge, or Nix.
  • Why is Corky Miller so low on the backup catcher spot? He laced a double, threw a guy out at 2nd and I thought threw a second guy out an inning later. I haven't seen many of the other guys, but he looked good.
  • Wilson Betemit + Shortstop = FAIL
That's all I have for this game. Tomorrow's game against Seattle is on the webcast. I'll probably have more thoughts about that game.

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