Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Newest Cuban

I think everyone pretty much knows who Dayan Viciedo is, but I think we need to take a closer look at this guy. Viciedo is a 6 foot tall 225 pound third baseman. He's just 19 years old and has been playing professionally in Cuba since he was 16.

This is a BP session that was taped well before Spring Training ever started. Looking at this he looks like he is quite the beast. Obviously it's hard to tell where those balls are ending up, but he's spraying them all over the field with some power. If you search his name on YouTube there are a lot of videos which will continue to back these ovservations.

So far in Spring Training games Viciedo is 3 for 6 with a solo homerun off Jon Garland. I'm really pushing for him to beat out Fields for that starting spot, but I will accept him at least getting in as a backup. I'll keep posting how he's doing as Spring Training continues.

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