Monday, March 9, 2009

Lou is Pissed

A new addition has been made to the doghouse. The entire Cubs offense gets mocked in the upper left corner because Lou called them out yesterday. I have two thoughts on this, first obviously the offense has been awful and I completely understand that Lou doesn't want to keep losing games. On the other hand the results of these games don't matter, the pitchers have been really good (the ones who will be on the team), and Geo hasn't been around.

Something tells me once Ted gets back from the WBC the offense will get back into gear. 

A quick WBC note or three, Ted pitches in the next Team USA game, Mark DeRosa reminded me why I'm gonna miss him a ton this year (he had at least one triple), and Carlos Marmol struck out the side on Saturday in his only appearance so far.

Later today I'll have some thoughts on the Cubs outfield defense, and maybe a Rich Harden rant. 

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