Monday, June 4, 2012

Attendance Issues? Why Do You Care?

It's no secret the Sox are having some problems getting people out to the ballpark.  Despite the first place standing and a team that's playing solid, if not considered good, baseball.

What bothers me is that people can't get enough of talking about it.  Whether it's on the radio, in the papers, in your office, or on the street, you are likely to hear people talk about the Sox poor attendance.

If you are in the White Sox front office this is concern number one.  Because it pays their bills.

But if you are a fan, why do you care?  The Sox have proven over the past 15+ years that when they have a team that has a chance to win, they will make the necessary moves to try and make it happen.  Paying the players has never come down to how many butts are in the seats.

Don't believe me?  Take a look at attendance number since 2000.  

The Sox have spanned from 1.67 million to 2.96 million over this time.  The big jump was obliviously during, and after the World Series season in 2005.

After the series, the Sox went out and signed Jim Thome.  But wouldn't you think that after the '06 season they would make a big move because they had a lot more butts in the chairs?  Nope.  The Sox barely made a move that off season  How bout in 2010.  Attendance was down about a 100,000 and the Sox go out and make a huge move to get Adam Dunn.

I've tried to find a correlation between big free agent signing and attendance, and I can't do it.

So that brings me back to my point.  If it doesn't affect the players on the field, why do you care that people aren't in the seats?

It can actually be a more enjoyable experience when the house is not packed to the brim.  You can buy a ticket on the day of the game, usually for a reasonable price ($5 tickets all week).  You can find a parking space, and be able to get out of it relatively easily when the game is over.  The lines at the concession stands are not outrageous... not to mention the bathrooms.  And the concourse is generally a bit more open and easier to navigate.

Stop complaining.  It's not all bad.  Don't be embarrassed that people are not in the seats.  Attendance numbers do not win baseball games.  Just keep cheering on the ball club and hoping they win.  If you can get out to a game, great, if not, that's okay.  Represent the Sox in your own way, and don't let anybody tell you that you are not a fan because you don't go to games.

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