Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sox Catch a Break With Fister

The Tigers just came off a sweep of the Boston Red Sox.  Not only was it a sweep, but they kind of whipped the other Sox all kinds of ways in that series.

But they did lose one key piece to the puzzle when 2nd day starter Doug Fister went out due to a problem with his side.  He's now on the 15 day DL.

This affects the Sox in White because Fister was scheduled to pitch at the Cell in the home opener in Chicago.  Instead it's TBD.  They replaced Fister on the roster with Brayan Villarreal, but it's still yet to be seen if he'll get the ball Friday.

So, the Sox not only miss Verlander, but they also now get a fill-in.  Who knows, maybe we can steal a few games from them, sure looks like it might be possible.

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