Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When The Sox Break Out Of This Slump

Let's try a positive post for once.

When the Sox finally do break out of this monumental slump, how do we think its going to happen?

My best guess is that it will be quick. I expect it to come on the road, and to come against a halfway decent pitcher.

The Sox for whatever reason will start to see the ball better. The hard hit balls will find grass instead of gloves. The loopers will fall into holes instead of looking like weak pop outs. Runners in scoring position will actually feel like they might score.

It will be effortless. Everything will just click. And this team made of more than $125 million worth of talent will finally start looking like it.

But when will it happen?

For that, I have no answers. I don't even feel safe enough to make a guess.

The only thing I do know... it won't be Friday.

A fellow tweeter said to me, "I've never seen a matchup that a team is more likely to be no hit than actually win the game." And the sad thing is. He's absolutely right.

So maybe it'll be Saturday that the Sox break out. Maybe Sunday. Or next Sunday, or the one after that. But whenever it is, it's going to be something to see. We just have to hope the Sox can maintain it when the shift in mentality does come.

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