Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sox Lose, Have You Heard That Before?

Well, we thought the Twinks were struggling. We thought this could be our chance. But a no hitter and a lapse in defense costs the Sox 2 games they could have really used.

Let's do an exercise. Everyone close your eyes. Make strong fists with both of your hands. Now Raise your hands above your head, shake them rapidly, and yell your 4 letter word of choice.

Feel any better? Yeah, me neither.

This team has sunk to new lows. The worst team in baseball comes in to your stadium. and what do the Sox greet them with, "Hey, we're the worst team in baseball. Not you. Jerks. And we're about to prove it to you."

The Sox have no chance in any game right now. Why? Because they don't think they can win. Pitchers know they must throw a perfect game to win, because it's the only way to upstage the other guy's no hitter. Hitters think a one run lead is a mountain. And they forget to play the field each and every inning.

There's no life. There's no will. There's no want. There's no need. We'll just keep losing and collecting our paychecks. And no one will be held accountable because everyone is so bad.

It's basically a labor strike. "You can't fire us all, you wont have anyone left."

And nothing is looking like it will change.

So soak it in Sox fans. These are your 2011 White Sox. And until someone does something different, out of the box, they'll be the same 2011 White Sox all year long.


  1. i can deal with the losing but these guys have no heart while playing......Its like a bad marriage they just sit there and take it. I love the Sox but man its painful to watch them lately. Keep up the good work on twitter

  2. Thanks a lot man.

    One day they'll figure it out. I just hope its soon, cause I'm starting to lose my mind.