Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sox Woes Can Be Blamed On Many

The Sox have now lost 4 straight and 5 of 6 and it's been because of many varying reasons. There have been bullpen collapses, starting pitching problems, lack of hitting, fielding, and it goes on and on.

This is a tough scenario. Normally you can look at a team and say, if we just catch the ball we'll win. Or, if the starting pitching comes along a little bit, this will turn around.

But with this team, it doesn't look like that.

The Sox need to start over. Forget about the first 15 games. Forget about the bullpen problems or the multitude of E7's or the inability to get clutch hits late.

Think about the future and think about beating the Rays. We all know the Sox can beat the Rays. They've done it 3 out of 4 already. But the way the two teams were playing then is substantially different than now.

So the Sox have to regroup. Look at this series as the first one. I know it's tough to do, but it's really the only way to fix ALL the issues we've seen thus far.

The standings are in complete disarray right now. And a couple wins can take the Sox from 3rd place to first.

The Sox have seen all 4 pitchers the Rays are throwing at them this week. So go to work, and right this ship now.

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