Monday, February 21, 2011

Viciedo Should Play 3rd And Only 3rd

In an article by ESPN Ozzie claims he will try Dayan Viciedo in the outfield in order to try and get him more ABs.

Personally, I am not a fan of this idea. Much like they have done with Beckham and Alexei, the Sox are planning on jut moving this kid around randomly to wherever he can get he most at bats playing. But Dayan is not the same as Bacon or Ramirez. The latter pair are freak athletes who can play any position you stick them at on a baseball field. Viciedo is more of a hitting star. You can't simply stick this guy anywhere and expect him to succeed.

The thought process on him needs to be third base or bust. If Dayan cannot beat out Brent Morel, then theres no reason to worry about getting him extra at bats.

Spring Training should be quite simple. Its a three man race. Viciedo, Morel, and Teahan. The winner plays third, and Teahan is a utility defender/off ay replacement. This is of course assuming that Teahan will not win he battle, because we all know that he really is not very good.

Whoever is better plays third.

Players often make the personnel decisions themselves. One will come out victorious. They always do. And if it is truly a tie, then is a heck of a problem to have.

Just don't move guys around to make them fit. Even through it worked quite nicely with both Beckham and Ramirez, you can't kee pressing that luck.

Let them battle it out. And the best man will win.

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